I am: Simon Burley, Insta: @vynl, X: @vynl

I am based in London / Essex.

On this website I am selling my own vinyl records.

I’m posting records on Instagram all the time until I run out of records to sell.

Tell me what you want. Agree a price. Pay for p&p, or come and get it; easy to get to.

Email simon@vynl.co.uk or use the form below 

I’ve also decided to sell all my stuff, starting at 99p. Yes, selling all my worldly possessions on 99pNoReserve.co.uk. There will be a lot of CDs listed on there soon if you are into that. Also some very rare and collectible cardboard shop displays of bands, mainly from the late 80’s into the 2000’s. Adding more stuff all the time, so follow me on Instagram.

Visit: 99pNoReserve.co.uk
Email: me@99pnoreserve.co.uk
Instagram: @99pnoreserve

Everything has it’s price, so this domain name could be For Sale for the right value:

Offers invited

And could come with these social names/handles too if you like . . .

Instagram: @vynl
X / Twitter: @vynl (approx 6,500 followers)

This domain name Vynl.co.uk was registered in 2007 and has been in use ever since. We are not related to or affiliated to any other latecomers who have chosen to use the same name; we are the originators and owned at one stage various other Vynl tld’s. We are not related to similarly named sites such as vnyl (again who came much after us). Also, we are not related to the vinyl / vynl / vnyl record subscription services which some people use(d); that is not us.
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